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Programming by Gathering Snippets of Truth

May 13, 2017

Xavier: What is logic programming?
Yorick: Robert Kowalski defines it as a certain approach to knowledge representation, namely

Logic programming shares with mechanical theorem proving the use of logic to represent knowledge and the use of deduction to solve problems by deriving logical consequences. [1]

X: Ah, I see—a kind of Artificial Intelligence, which I am not so much interested in. Yet, I find a lot of interesting stuff in Logic Programming, the journal, in its first decade, and in several books of that time, Sterling and Shapiro’s The Art of Prolog and O’Keefe’s The Craft of Prolog. Why listen to Kowalski anyway?

Y: He invented “Logic Programming” as a term and substantiated his definition with his book [2]. Moreover, his “Predicate logic as a programming language” [3], established him as a co-inventor, with Colmerauer, of pure Prolog.

X: It seems that the term “Logic Programming” has been hijacked by people interested in what makes Prolog different from other programming languages and in how logic can be used as starting point in the design of programming languages.